Age Group: 13 months to Age 3
Maria Montessori called the first six years, the Absorbent Mind. During the first half of this plane of development, the child is acquiring skills and adapting to his greater environment. He has what Montessori called sensitive periods; where an inner energy is guiding the child with these acquisitions in matters such as language, movement and order. The child will learn to crawl, sit, walk, and climb stairs, etc. whether we teach him or not. He will absorb his native language(s) effortlessly, and will orient himself to his daily environments. Montessori refers to this child as the unconscious creator. 

In our homes we provide the baby with necessary space and experiences for him/her to carry out this work. We help him/her get accustomed to his home, and adapt as a member of the family. When he/she is ready to 
come to Cedar Montessori School Toddler Class, he/she has already acquired many skills. We will continue to aid him/her in this process by offering a prepared environment catering to these important needs. 

Caring for himself and his environment are encouraged by providing the child with routines and activities that allow him to take an active role in his daily life. He is guided while dressing himself, and using the toilet. We provide an environment where he is not rushed, but allowed the time to concentrate and take control of his own movements. We help him with eating, manners at the table and serving himself. Dining as a group where a meal is a social and pleasurable experience. He may also take an active role by helping to prepare certain foods. 

A strong sense of order at this age, calls us to provide a neat and orderly environment, routines and consistency. The child can depend on a basic structure to his day, with snack, meals, work time and outdoor play (and nap time if applicable) to be consistent. He can expect to find his belongings in a special personalized place. There is even a special outdoor space dedicated to the child of this age group. 

The toddler has an unquenchable thirst for language. There are many lessons in the environment that encourage conversation and apply nomenclature for objects that are already familiar to the child from his greater environment. Every experience is an opportune moment for language at this age. It is the responsibility of the adult to be exemplary in language, speaking clearly, concisely and offering a wide variety of vocabulary. 

There are many manipulatives in the environment, as well as many activities in movement, music and art. As in all the Montessori environments, the toddler can expect uninterrupted work time, to allow for concentration and repetition.